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With creativity and uniqueness, we will create your next event. We are committed to guiding you through your envision and converting it into a reality.


There is no one it's all-package regarding weddings or events. Not all bridal parties are the same size, guest counts fluctuate, and endless designs exist. We have a minimum investment of $10,000, excluding our service fee and tax.


What is the process to start an event consultation and proposal?

We love to know in detail everything that you are looking for; here is our process:

First: We will send you a questionnaire to add all the wedding/event details.

Second: We will schedule a conference call for a consultation through Google Meet or a face-to-face meeting to discuss further details.

Third: One or two weeks after the consultation, we will email you a detailed proposal based on our discussion. That proposal is still being determined; we allow you to make all the changes as you want.


How to move forward with our services?

After confirming the date with us, we require a 35% initial payment and a contract. The remaining balance will be divided into two payments during the contract period. Remember, we allow you to make all the changes you want.


We will provide a table presentation or event design ideas one month prior to the wedding/event. During that time, we can make all the changes regarding the type of flowers, color scheme, charger plates, napkins, tablecloths, etc.


We will make that day a special one! 

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